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Sony PXW-FX9  

       new FX9 has superior Autofocus, Resolution and Color 

       Full Frame or Super 35

       Dual ISO for excellent low light performance

       improved white balance in  Log Mode

       FX9 and FS7 can color match and use the same XAVC-I codec 

Sony 4K A7siii 10bit color (great Slog) with Ronin-S gimbal

Sony, Canon, Zeiss etc zooms and prime lenses

        covering 11mm-240mm

HD Monitors

      17" Flanders, Odyssey 7Q, 5.6" TV Logic, Small HD 5" "Focus" 

Odyssey 7Q+ ProRes Recorder & Monitor

Mattebox, Follow Focus, Grad Filters

Sachtler 18 Tripod

Sony PMW- EX1

LED, Fluorescent and Tungsten lighting


Other Camera Packages available including:


3D - single camera or mirror rigs available on request

























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