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Clients say :


"Lenny is simply the most talented and reliable DP I've ever worked with. He always goes the extra mile, has superb lighting skills and I always get what I need to cut. He's  been my first call for more than 20 years ."

         -  Sean Frame, Director/Producer, Frame by Frame Productions 


"20 years ago Lenny volunteered on my first crazy documentary and gave far more than 200%. Since then he's always been my first call. Whether working with a large crew or making a tiny budget look like it cost far more - he makes me look good in front of my clients." 



         -  Eric Ladenburg,  Nvidia Corp




"Very professional crew. It was a pleasure working with your team!"


        -   John Cleese, Actor


"I always get the shots I need, the extra shots I want, and many shots I never even thought of!   No drama, no stress, beyond competent, and really funny. Great with clients as well." 


        - Ken Parker, Director/Producer, Parkerfilms 


"Lenny's spot-on aesthetic has made me look great, while his technical detail gives me an extra layer of confidence. He's also extremely warm and socially smart. A gem." 


         - Cort Worthington, Director/ Producer, Illuminata Films

"For years I turned down requests to be videotaped because I hated how the camera crew disrupted my attention. But Lenny immediately makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. I completely forget he's even there." 


          - Marion Rosen, Legendary 93 year-old founder of Rosen Method Bodywork

Corporate and Broadcast Client List (synopsis):
Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Applied Materials, Levi Strauss, Pacific Telephone, Kaiser Permanente, PG&E, Apple Computer, IBM, Hewlitt Packard, AT&T, McKesson, Mervyn's, Visa,
Web Ex, Adobe, nVidea, Dell, Sandisk, Protivity, etc

ABC, NBC, Newshour, PBS, A&E, Oprah,"E", "Wildbear" (Australia), etc....


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