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     After getting a BA  from Yale University in History of Art , I began my career in the film industry as an "experimental abstract filmmaker," but soon realized I wanted to work on movies that people actually saw!  So I set about learning my craft the old fashioned way -  working my way up first as a Camera Assistant and Grip, and then as a Gaffer. Eventually I started shooting, but those years as Gaffer gave me an indispensable background in lighting that remains the strongest element in my work, and gives me an edge in low budget situations with small or inexperienced crews.

    During the last 25+ years I've worked in pretty much every style from features to docs, corporate , music videos, etc. Though I started in 16 and 35mm,  these days its nearly all video. But I find the ever changing technology fascinating and typically know the cameras I work with inside and out. Thus I was one of the few DP's in Northern California to shoot and understand 3D  when it was briefly popular a few years ago.

    On set my greatest pleasure is in the camaraderie of the crew and collaboration with the director.  I always maintain a pleasant respectful atmosphere and over the years have come to understand that while I'm an "artist"  - I'm also in the  "service industry". Thus my job is to give the director the most beautiful images I can,  but always respecting their needs, their budget and providing what they need to cut a show.  Though probably happiest making pretty images, I can go "run & gun" or work as a "one man band" when that's what's needed. I've met fascinating people and gone to incredible places but still every "talking head" is a challenge.

   Other than shooting , I have occasionally directed my own documentary projects, and maintained another life as a musician playing saxophone in Jazz, Klezmer and even some Salsa bands. These days I'm trying to become a decent Salsa dancer and even learning a bit of latin percussion.  I'm particularly interested in video projects about music and think that gives me a little extra sensitivity when shooting it.




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