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B.A. History of Art, Yale University


25+ years experience in :


Features, Commercials, Documentaries, Music, Corporate, Broadcast, 3D  





            “The Third Pillar of Science” -  3D-DP/Stereographer, 18min 3D Documentary, eMotion & Nvidia Prod, 


            “Marion Rosen “-  DP, Documentary about BodyWork Pioneer, Illuminata Films, Cort Worthington Dir, SF, CA


            "Bonds On Bonds” -  Reality/Documentary Series, Tollini-Robbins Productions, LA, CA


            “Whisper to a Roar”- intros for academic version, doc about democracy in the third world,  Ben Moses


            “Wok In Progress” -  DP,1 hr Documentary, PBS- P.O.V., Persona Grata Prod., SF, CA


            “The Search for Jesse James” - DP, 1 hr doc for “A&E” , Golden Gate Productions, SF, CA


            “Great Drives: Highway 93” -  DP, 1 hr doc for PBS travel series, Jay Russell, Four Point Ent, LA


            “Artist Profiles for Autry Museum” –  DP ,  5 profiles of California Artists, Paula Kessler Dir


            "Alisdair Frazer” –doc about world famous fiddler (in-progress), Tommy Smith Dir


            “Outlaws and Pioneers of the Electronic Frontier”  - (in-progress), Judith Erlich Dir


            “The Power to Heal” –doc  about  desegregation of American Medicine (in-progress), Charles Burnett Dir


            “Little League “-  DP and Stereographer, add scenes - Pilot for 3D doc/ reality series, Michael Ching 


            “Pins and Noodles” -  DP,  Blue Screen and opening scenes, Doc., PBS- P.O.V., Persona Grata Prod., SF, CA


            "Rising Waters: Global Warming in the South Pacific" -  add. camera,  Doc, Andrea Torrice Prod, SF, CA


            “On the Road: Stories of Lupus” -  DP, 30min  hr documentary, Mosaic Productions, SF, CA


            “Straight Up Life: HIV & Addiction” - DP, Documentary for Walden House, Robert Solley Dir., SF, CA


                        Golden Apple: National Educational  Film & Video Fest.


            “100 Families” -  Illuminata Films, SF, CA


            "Peril or Pleasure" -  DP,  Documentary, Andrea Torrice Prod/Dir, SF, CA


            “Pins and Noodles” -  DP,  Blue Screen and opening scenes, Doc., PBS- P.O.V., Persona Grata Prod., SF, CA


            “Love  It Like A Rock: Dixie Hummingbirds”  -  Video Documentary, Searchlight Films, Berkeley, CA


            "Nicaragua , The Battle  Within..."  - DP, Video doc, (shot in Central America), RMC Mashall Prods, SF, CA


            "Magic of the Andes"  -  Video documentary, (2nd camera - shot in S. America), Heritage Prod.,


            "National Geographic Explorer: Anchor Brewery" -  DP FILM,  Documentary, Issembert Prod, MA.



Broadcast and Magazine:


            “More Than Entertainment” -  DP, 26 episode Magazine style TV Series, Carrington Productions, Oakland,     


            “BattleBots” Behind the scenes doc camera , Comedy Central, LA, CA


            “Behind The Music” – Tom Petty, Bo Diddley, Alan Freed,  etc., VH-1


            “Beyond the Glory”  -  Jerry Rice, Jeff Garcia, Jim Brown, Tony Dorsett, etc. Red Skies Ent, LA, CA


            “Dreamchasers: Join the Circus”” – Reality TV  Episode for  A&E series


            “Top Chef” -  Reality TV Series,  Magical Elves, SF & LA, CA,


            “Family Maker” -  Reality/Doc Pilot for TV -  Asylum Entertainment, LA, CA


            “Liquidate Your Life” -  Reality TV pilot in production by producer of “Queer Eye..” – Optimum Prod, NYC


            “Take  2”  -  DP, 1 hr. Pilot for PBS Children’s series, Children’s Media Workshop,  Berkeley, CA


            “Sony Playstation DVD Magazine” – DP, Eric Ladenburg and other Directors,  Sony, Foster City, CA


            TV  Magazine  pieces for  -  NEWS HOUR, PBS, ABC, OPRAH, MTV, VH-1, FOX TV, DISCOVERY, E, A&E, etc.



Narrative & Feature:


            “Mission Movie” -  DP, DV Feature Film,  SF, CA


                        Best Feature: “2004 New York International Latino Film Festival”


            “Neon Sky“-  DP Add scenes - Video Feature Film,  Jennifer Juleitch Dir, Debbie Brubacker Prod, SF, CA


            "Baited Trap"  -   DP FILM, Theatrical  short,  Jon Reiss Producer,  LA, CA


                        Berlin Int. Film Festival, Torino Int. Film Fest, Hong Kong Film Fest, etc.


            "Soul Mates"  -  DP FILM,  Horror feature (completion scenes), Boomerang Productions, LA, CA


            "The Premature Burial"-   DP FILM,  Horror (1/2hr segment of feature  Twisted Tales) M. Jacobs, SF


            "Kamikaze Lovers" -  DP FILM, Additional scenes,  Feature, Juliet Bayshore, Prod/Dir., SF, CA


            "Peering At The Moon"  -  DP FILM (USA scenes), Theatrical Short,  Liru Productions, USA/China


            "Kill Squad"  -  DP FILM 2nd unit,  Action feature, Michael Lee, Media Productions, SF, CA


            "A Bitter Message of Hopeless Grief" -  DP FILM Theatrical  Short, Jon Reiss/SRL , SF, CA


                        SF Film Festival, US Film Fest, Berlin Int. Film Fest, Museum of Mod. Art, etc.        





                    “Snoop Dog/Tekkan” -  Stereographer,  Music Video, ET Atom Rig w/ Epic cameras, Cashmere Prod, LA


                   “The Third Pillar of Science” -  DP, Stereographer ,Colorist, 3D Doc, KernerCam Mirror Rig, eMotion & Nvid


                   "The Residents” -  DP and Stereographer, Multi-Camera Concert, Panasonic AG3DA1, Starr Sutherland Prod


,                  “Topcon” -  DP and Stereographer, Industrial Promos for Trade Shows, Panasonic AG3DA1, George Spies


                   “Little League” -  DP and Stereographer, add scenes - Pilot for 3D doc, Panasonic Z10000, Michael Chin



Commercial and Infommercial:


            "Buzz" Sony Playstation   - DP, Spot for Sony Video game, Ethos Editorial, SF, CA


            “Eric Safire For Judge”   - DP Campaign Spot, Ethos Editorial, SF, CA           


            “Tivo”  -  DP,   Elisabeth Fogli Dir, SA, CA


            "Comedy Day PSA"  -  DP FILM,  TV Spot, Video Caroline, SF,  CA


                        Best PSA, Golden Gate Awards, SF Film Fest


            “Nevada Dept Public Safety” -  DP TV Spot – Loretta Wilson, LK Films, SF, CA


            "Oysterbed" -  DP FILM,  TV Spot, Inner Vision Productions, SF, CA


            “Pelagia”  -  DP,  Infommercial, East End Productions, SF, CA


            "Black Coalition on Aids"  -  DP, TV Spots, Davis Communications, EL Cerrito , CA


            "Cherish the Children" - DP, TV Spots, Cheryl Marriner and KGO TV, SF, CA


            “KGO TV Spots”  - DP,Video Promotional, KGO TV, SF, CA


            “Matt Gonzales” -    DP – Campaign Spots, Lse Swenson , Dir



Music and Dance:


                "Kitka and Davka in Concert" - DP,  PBS special, 5 camera concert shoot, Forest Creatures Prod


            "Veretski Pass: Klezmer Shul" - DP, Director, Editor - 5 camera concert shoot 


            "Paris: Break the Grip of Shame"  - DP FILM, Music Video, Brainwash Productions, SF, CA


                    "Chapottin y Sus Estrellas"  - DP , multicamera concert, "Cuban Music Project", Finkle/Borrell Prod 


            "Bring me Back Down" DP Music Video-Jash barrett, Steve  director


            "Dr. Legato plays the music of Noel Jewkes" -  DP, Director, Editor, Music documentary in production


            "KlezCamp & Klezmer music Promos" - DP, Dir, Editor, Promos for Music Camp and various bands


            "Greg and Steve" -  DP FILM, Music Videos,  Summerplace Productions, LA, CA


            "And Still We Dance"  -  (Camera Op - Film and Gaffer)  Multi-camera dance, Searchlight Films, SF, CA


            "Isadora  Duncan : Movement From The Soul" - (CamOp/ Gaffer), Geller/Goldfine Prod, SF, CA


            “Behind The Music” – Tom Petty, Bo Diddley, Alan Freed,  etc., VH-1


            “Live @ Yoshi’s – Chick Corea, Kenny Garret, Joshua Redman, etc ” -  Cam Op,


            “Jarvis Consevatory – The Barber of Lapilles” –  Cam Op Live Opera, Dave Drum Dir.


            NUMEROUS LIVE MUSIC EVENTS – including – Ravi Coltrane, Beck, Mutabaruka, Steps Ahead, Joe Walker,






             B of A, Wells Fargo, Applied Materials, Levi Strauss, Pacific Telephone, AT&T, Nvidia,


             Kaiser Permanente, PG&E, Apple Computer, IBM, Hewlitt Packard, Ahmdahl, Pyramid,


             McKesson, Mervyn's, Symantec, SunMIcro, Oracle, WebEx  ..........   Etc., Etc., Etc.



Gaffer:  (Synopsis)


            "The DeMedici Kitchen" -  16mm doc. series for TV (shot 7 weeks in Italy), Michael Lerner, Prod/Dir., SF, CA 


            "And Still We Dance"  -  16mm  dance documentary,  Searchlight Films,  SF,  CA


            "Isadora  Duncan : Movement From The Soul" -  Video dance doc., Geller/Goldfine Prd., SF CA   


            "Prop. 37"  -  16mm TV spots, Taurus Productions Colorado Springs, CO


            "Honda," "Asahi Beer"  -  35mm  TV spots,  Katsu Productions,  LA,  CA


            "Dept.  of Education," "Prop. 36,"  -  16mm  TV spots,  Clinton Reilly Campaigns,  SF,  CA


            "Nancy Pelosi Campaign"  - 16mm  TV spots,  Clinton Reilly Campaigns,  SF,  CA


            "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer"  -  16mm  rock  video,   Elmo  Productions, Santa Rosa , CA


            "PG&E," "LOAC Videodisk," etc.  -    Video  educational and industrials, Realtime Video, SF, CA


            "Were You There- Oscar Michaux"  -   16mm PBS docudrama, Nguzo Saba Films, SF, CA




Overseas Experience:   Production Experience in Italy, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Bolivia and Peru.


            Some conversational ability in Spanish and French





            Soprano and Tenor Sax (Jazz, Klezmer, etc)



Adolph Gasser Inc. (1980 - 1983):


            Managed 16/35 Camera and  Lighting & Grip Depts - 3 yrs in major Rental House in San Francisco


            Prepared rental orders, advised customers, maintained & repaired equipment, planned expanding inventory.



C.E.T.A.: Artist in Residence - SF Public Schools 


            Taught Super-8 Film, Video, and Acting to inner city  students and teachers grades 2-12 at  SF Public Schs.


            Created curriculum to use media production as aid to language & math skills devlopment.


            Produced Super-8 feature "Thirst For Freedom" with students at James Lick Jr. High School in San Francisco


                        (chosen to open 1978 NEA sponsored  international seminar on "Children and Film" )   



Experimental Filmmaker  


            Made short visual films shown at Canyon Cinematheque SF, Milllenium Film Arch. NYC, SF Museum of Art, 




            Extensive experience as Camera Assistent, Electrician,  Grip, Dolly Grip, etc.


            Experience w/all major film & video cameras and formats –


                                    RED, Sony FS7, 55, FS700, Canon, Alexa, 




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